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Cakes, Birthdays, Weddings and Special Occasions

Annica's Birthday Cakes

Annica’s cake recipes are developed in-house, thus making our specific icing, toppings, cake flavours and textures, unique to Annica’s.

Unlike many bakeries, we say NO to instant pre-mixes, all of our cakes are baked from scratch which is appreciated by ‘cake connoisseurs’. Taste the difference! We offer also a range of Banting, Paleo, Gluten and sugar-free cakes and products made with Free range Eggs on request. Please follow the link to ‘Lifestyle Confectionery’

For your convenience, you can order and pay online. For standard cakes we require minimum of 2 full working-days of notice. You can add a personalized message on the cake from the product list and write the message on the Checkout page, under ‘Special instructions’.

We cake your day!

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