Special Occasion Cakes

Annica’s cake recipes are developed in-house, thus making our specific icing, toppings, cake flavours and textures, unique to Annica’s.

Unlike many bakeries, we say NO to instant pre-mixes, all of our cakes are baked from scratch which is appreciated by ‘cake connoisseurs’. Taste the difference! We offer also a range of Banting, Paleo, Gluten and sugar-free cakes and products made with Free range Eggs on request. Please follow the link to ‘Lifestyle Confectionery’

Birthday and Special Occasion
For your convenience we offer a range of Celebration cakes and products available to shop 24-7

We cake your day!

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Annica's Designer Patisserie is now open at Dainfern Square Shop 68 Broadacres Dr, Fourways, Midrand, Dainfern, Johannesburg, Dismiss